(hereinafter also “hotel” or “accommodations provider”)

operated by:

VENTURA, spol. s .r.o
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With registered offices at Pod Žvahovem 11, 152 00 Prague 5

1. Conditions of Conclusion of the Contract for Accommodation

1.1 Accommodation of guests at the Residence u Černého orla hotel takes place on the basis of a contract for accommodations concluded pursuant to the provisions of § 2326 et seq. of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, based on which the hotel Residence u Černého orla (hereinafter “accommodations provider”) provides the guest with temporary accommodations for the agreed period or for the period arising from the purpose of the accommodations in the facility designated for such purposes, and the guest (further also referred to as “guest”) agrees to pay the Accommodations Provider for accommodations and for the services associated with the accommodations in the period specified by these Accommodation Rules, (hereinafter also simply “contract”).

1.2 The contract for accommodations is always concluded in writing. A written confirmation of the order of a reservation or completion of the registration card is sufficient to meet the requirement of form.

1.3 The rights and obligations of the contracting parties not expressly regulated by the contract for accommodations are governed by these Accommodation Rules and the price list for services provided by the accommodations provider. If the contract for accommodations specifies a document other than these Accommodation Rules and/or the price list of the accommodations provider, the accommodation contract shall be used.

1.4 If the guest fails to meet the obligations arising from the contract for accommodation, and its attached rules and/or price list set by the accommodations provider or violates good morals in the hotel in some other way (hereinafter “misconduct”), the accommodations provider is entitled  to terminate the contract for accommodations prior to its agreed period, even without a notice period, if the guest had been warned of his misconduct by the hotel in the manner pursuant to §2331 of the Civil Code.

2. Conclusion of Contract, Reservation

2.1 The guest is obligated to order accommodations with the accommodations provider in writing, or potentially to make a reservation by telephone, and subsequently confirm it in writing with the accommodations provider. A written reservation, or confirmation of a telephone reservation, respectively, according to the preceding sentence is understood to be an order made using the reservation form, by e-mail to or by mail to the address of the hotel and/or accommodations provider stated in the header of these Accommodation Rules.

2.2 As soon as the accommodations provider receives an order in writing or confirmation of the reservation in writing, from the Guest, the provider shall issue a confirmation with payment terms. In the event the reception employee offers a discounted advance payment option, and the guest chooses this advantageous rate, the accommodations provider is entitled to require payment in advance from the guest in the amount of 100% of the price for accommodations. The guest is obligated to pay the amount within the period and under the terms specified in the reservation confirmation. An advance deposit is not required in the case of stays reserved at the standard rate. In such case, payment of the price for accommodations in the full amount is made at the start, in the course of or after the conclusion of accommodation.

2.3 An accommodations contract is concluded at the moment of delivery of the order or written confirmation of a reservation to the accommodations provider.

3. Cancellation of Reservation, Withdrawal from the Contract Prior to Check-in for Accommodation, Failure to Arrive for Accommodations Use

3.1 If the guest fails to duly pay the deposit pursuant to Article I. paragraph 2.2  and/or on time, the accommodations reservation will be cancelled with the fruitless passing of the maturity date.

3.2 The guest is entitled to withdraw from the contract for accommodation prior to arrival for accommodation, even without giving a reason. The guest is obliged to deliver to the accommodations provider written notice of withdrawal. The accommodations provider in this case is entitled to charge the guest a cancellation fee, whereas the rate of the cancellation fee will be determined as follows:

Moment of delivery of notice of withdrawal to the accommodations provider (in calendar days)

Cancellation fee rate (v %)
1 day prior to planned arrival for accommodation
100 % of the amount of deposit paid

3.3 In the event that the guest fails to arrive to use the accommodations within 24 hours after the agreed arrival time for accommodation, the accommodations provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract for accommodation and simultaneously bill the guest a cancellation fee in the amount of 100 % of the amount of deposit paid. This shall not apply in the event that the customer notifies the accommodations provider in advance of late arrival for the stay, but not, however, later than 1 day prior to the planned arrival for accommodation, by telephone or in writing. The conditions set forth in Article 2, paragraph 2.1 of these Accommodation Rules shall apply to the form or notification.

4. Arrival at the Hotel

4.1 The guest shall announce his or her arrival at the hotel reception to an authorized staff member.

4.2 At the reception, the guest will present his or her identity card, passport or possibly other proof of identity (e.g. a residence permit) by which  the authorized staff member shall verify the identity of the guest. The guest shall confirm the accuracy of his or her personal data and length of stay by signature on the registration card or in the accommodation provider’s book of accommodation.

4.3 Unless otherwise agreed, accommodation of arriving guests takes place from  7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

4.4 In the event of arrival after19:00 it is necessary to notify a member of the reception staff of this fact in advance.

4.5 Upon arrival, during or at the end of accommodation, the guest shall pay the cost of accommodation, i.e. the agreed price for accommodation on the day of booking. After payment of the price for accommodation, the accommodations provider shall issue a tax document confirming payment for the entire stay. Upon the guest’s arrival at the hotel, the accommodations provider is entitled to require presentation of a payment or credit card as a guarantee of payment of up to 100% of the estimated price of accommodation, from which the accommodations provider shall be entitled to authorize payment corresponding to the amount covering the actual cost of accommodation and other costs related to accommodation after the end of the stay, even possibly without the presence of the guest (off-line), to which the guest agrees by providing the payment or credit card.

4.6 An authorized reception employee will familiarize the guest with the Accommodations Rules, at the latest as of the day of the guest’s arrival for accommodation.

4.7 The number of persons in a room corresponds to the number of persons registered for accommodation. The guest agrees to notify the hotel of their exact number upon check-in.

4.8 The accommodation period is agreed at the latest at the time of check-in and is recorded in the accommodation book or on the guest’s registration card. Check-in can only be extended with the consent of the accommodations provider and must be based on an entry in the accommodation book or on the registration card.

4.9 The guest hereby grants consent to the accommodations provider with the processing and storing of his or her personal data, in the scope provided, and for the purpose of providing accommodation and guest records in the meaning under Act no. 565/1990 Coll., on Local Fees and Act no. 326/1999 Coll., on the stay of foreign nationals in the territory of the Czech Republic and on the amendment of some law. More detailed obligations of the guest and the accommodations provider regarding the accommodation record book, respectively, the house book are set forth in the abovementioned legislation.

5. General Rules for Accommodation

5.1 The guest has the right to use the space designated for his or her accommodation as well as the common areas of the hotel and to use the services associated with accommodation.

5.2 Upon check-in at the hotel, the guest will receive a key, or a magnetic or smart card, respectively, for both the room and the hotel entrance (hereinafter collectively referred to as "keys"). The guest is required to prevent loss, destruction, or damage to these keys, as well as access to these keys by third parties that are not a direct participant in the relevant accommodation agreements concluded between the guest and the accommodations provider. Potential sanctions for any loss, destruction, damage and access of keys in the previous sentence are regulated in the accommodation contract.

5.3 The Guest is Obligated to:

Become acquainted with the accommodation rules and maintain them;
Pay the price for the accommodations in accordance with the valid price list and conditions set in advance;
Properly use the spaces designated for accommodation, maintain order and cleanliness in all spaces designated for accommodation;
Ensure the maintenance of cleanliness in the spaces designated for accommodation;
Protect the equipment in the spaces designated for accommodation against damage;
Immediately report damage or destruction which the guest or persons sharing the accommodations with the guest have caused in the spaces of the hotel;
From 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to behave with consideration so as not to disturb others with excess noise;
Shut off the taps, turn off the lights, turn of electrical appliances not being used in the absence of the guest, and close the windows prior to leaving the room;
Turn in the room key upon departure from the hotel and duly report any mini bar use to the staff at the reception desk;
Pay any fines relating to the breach of prohibition of smoking, excess noise, excess dirtying of the room and such dirtying that requires extraordinary cleaning, and further, theft of bathrobes or other hotel equipment pursuant to the following price list:  
250 EUR
Fine for breach of smoking ban in all spaces of the hotel
500 EUR

Dirtying of room
100 EUR
Theft or destruction of hotel bathrobe or other hotel equipment

5.4 Without permission from the accommodations provider, the guests may not:

 Make significant changes in the areas intended for accommodation (move furniture, relocate equipment, etc.);
 Take away any equipment from the premises used for accommodation;
 Use their own appliances in areas designated for accommodation, except for small appliances used for personal hygiene and office work;
Leave spaces designed for accommodation to another person;
Receive visitors in the areas intended for the accommodation; visits must be properly announced to the reception staff and are possible only in the period from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; guests can receive visits only in common areas of the hotel;
Use the address of the building with spaces designed for accommodation as the guest’s place of business;
Keep animals in the spaces of the hotel. Animal owners are required to demonstrate the healthy state of an animal to the hotel staff upon request by showing a valid vaccination card.
5.5 In the designated accommodation spaces, the guest further may not:

Carry a weapon, ammunition, explosives or maintain these in any other way that would enable their immediate use;
Hold, manufacture or maintain narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless these are medicines prescribed for the guest by a doctor;
Use open flame

6. Liability of the Accommodations Provider for Items Belonging to Guests

6.1 Application for compensation for damages caused to guest property can only be submitted within 15 days after discovery of damage. Damages shall not be paid, if the damage was caused by the guest or a person accompanying the guest.

6.2 If a guest leaves their property in the room after the end of their stay, and accommodation has not been paid, the accommodations provider shall moves the guest’s items from the room and store them in a safe place so as to prevent their damage. After payment of the relevant debt for accommodations, the accommodations provider shall issue the store items to the guest.

7. Security, Guest’s Liability for Damages

7.1 The guest is obliged to become acquainted with the safety rules and evacuation plan in case of fire. This plan can be found in every hotel room and is also available for consultation from the relevant employee at the front desk.

7.2 The guest shall act in such a manner as to prevent unjustified harm to the freedom, life, health or property of another.

7.3 If the guest, through his or her actions, causes damages to the accommodation provider’s property, the guest will pay for the damage in full, either in cash at the reception or from the credit card information provided to guarantee accommodation pursuant to the accommodation rules.

7.4 The accommodations provider’s liability for damages to stored items is governed by the provisions of § 2945 et seq. of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., of the Civil Code.

7.5 The accommodations provider’s liability for damages to items brought into the hotel shall be limited to 100 times the price of accommodations for one day. In other aspects it is subject to the provisions under § 2946 et seq. of Act no. 89/2012 Sb., of the Civil Code.

7.7 The accommodation provider does not operate a guarded parking lot, and is therefore not liable for damages caused to means of transportation and items left in these vehicles, unless it is expressly stated by the accommodations provider that the provider has accepted these items into safekeeping.

8. Departure from the Hotel

8.1 The guest is obliged to vacate the room in which he or she is accommodated, by 11:00 a.m.

8.2 The Guest shall lock the room and leave the keys at the reception desk, unless it has been agreed otherwise.

These Accommodation Rules became valid and effective as of: January 1, 2016